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pearl earrings 01/06/2018

June’s Birthstone – Pearl

Iridescent, glamourous and iconic; pearls are well known for their ability to dress up even the plainest black dress, whilst having a neutral tone which compliments every skin tone. As the June birthstone and the 30th wedding anniversary, the pearl symbolises wealth and luck, whilst giving the impression of purity – the ideal addition to any bride to be this Summer! We take you through some interesting facts which you may not know about this classic gemstone! Pearls are a unique gemstone because they are organically formed deep underwater, being... Read More

diamond jewellery 21/05/2018
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Get the Markle Sparkle Look!

It is every girl’s dream to get married to a prince in the ultimate modern fairy tale, so what’s not to love about the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! From the star studded guest list which included George Clooney and David Beckham, to the ethereal floral arrangements of garden white roses, peonies and foxgloves which hung ornately around the entrance of St George’s Chapel , Windsor Castle – this surely was the wedding of the year! We take you through our take of the magnificent jewels worn... Read More

ladies rings 18/05/2018

A to Z of Ladies Ring Styles

Looking through lists of ladies rings online can be a minefield; with never-ending choices of styles that look similar but not quite the same, with names like ‘solitaire’ and ‘eternity’. We take you through our A – Z (or rather, C-W!) of the most common ladies ring styles that we sell on RamsdensJewellery.co.uk, explaining the what’s and why’s of the beautiful styles which bring out the best in the sparkling diamonds and vibrant gemstones which are set into precious metal rings. Cluster Ring A cluster ring style consists of diamonds... Read More

emerald jewellery 01/05/2018

May’s Birthstone – Emerald

Emeralds have a very long history, first being coveted by Egyptians and later Romans. Perhaps the most famous emerald lovers of the past have been Cleopatra and Elizabeth Taylor. Cleopatra had such a love for the stone it is thought she had mines opened purely for her benefit. More recently, Elizabeth Taylor adorned herself in emerald jewellery.  Emerald is the green variety of beryl, the blue version being aquamarine. Historically emeralds have been associated with seeing into the future, revealing the truth and protecting the wearer from evil spirits. Colombia... Read More

diamonds 01/04/2018
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April’s Birthstone – Diamonds

Diamonds have been prized for thousands of years, with early discoveries in Indian riverbeds dating back to 400BC. The modern diamond industry dates back to more recent times. In 1869 the discovery of the ‘Star of South Africa’ brought 10,000 miners flooding into the Kimberly area and so mass diamond mining began. The ‘Star of South Africa’ was found by a Shepard and weighed a massive 83.5cts! This diamond was then cut to a pear-shape diamond weighing 47.69cts and most recently came to the market via auction in Geneva and... Read More

diamond jewellery 27/03/2018
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Buying Diamonds And The Four C’s

Buying diamond jewellery can be daunting due to all the terminology and information available on the internet. Ramsdens are here to help and, in this blog, we will summarise the key points you need to know when buying a special piece of jewellery. Diamonds are graded and traded using the principals of the four C’s. This method of grading diamonds was first utilised by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Since then, it has become an industry recognised method of grading diamonds which has in turn made the pricing of... Read More

mens rings 26/03/2018

3 Things To Consider When Buying Men Rings

Rings for Men are often side-lined by the sparkling show-stopping ladies’ rings with opulent vibrant gemstones and beautiful feminine designs, but why should the girls have all the fun? Mens Rings don’t need to be boring, they can be modern and contemporary – or even harking back to the classic days of the gentleman. Here, we take you through our top three tips for choosing the perfect Gents Ring: 1. Find what you like Think about the type of ring you’d like to wear. Do you prefer classic styles such... Read More

engagement ring 08/03/2018
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How To Buy An Engagement Ring

So, you’ve finally made the decision to pop the question – congratulations! Making the decision is the easy part, welcome to the minefield which is picking the engagement ring. Apart from purchasing a house or a car, the engagement ring can be one of the most expensive items a man will buy in his lifetime. Walking into a jewellery shop to browse can often seem overwhelming; from whole selections of rings which virtually look the same, to the fear of buying a fake. That ring will be paraded around friends... Read More


What to buy for Mother’s Day 2018

It can often be tricky to know what to buy that special Mother figure in your life for Mother’s Day; trying to find that special something that encapsulates that wonderful relationship between you and your Mum, your Grandparents, your Aunt or even a female mentor. Novelty teddy bears emblazoned with ‘MUM’ doesn’t seem to cut it, and whilst flowers are a brilliant go to idea they’re often dead within days leaving your mum not a lot to show for her special Mother’s day! Why not treat her to something sparkly?... Read More


Jewellery Buying Guide

Introduction When it comes to buying jewellery, whether for yourself or a loved one, you may find yourself asking questions such as ‘what metal should I choose?’ or ‘which gemstones should I buy?’ This Ramsdens Jewellery Buying Guide aims to answer any questions you may have around buying and wearing jewellery, including how you can care for your items to ensure you keep them looking as good as new, for longer.   Gemstone Guide Gemstones are a naturally occurring material that are stunning in appearance which makes them the perfect... Read More