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How to buy an engagement ring

Engagement Rings

Shop Engagement Rings for the special someone in your life and say 'yes' to the perfect Diamond Ring at Ramsdens.

Our stunning collection includes popular diamond engagement ring styles such as Solitaire and Cluster Rings. So treat your loved one to the perfect ring at Ramsdens. Browse beautiful rings in precious metals including White GoldYellow GoldPlatinum and more.

Types of Engagement Rings

Our Engagement Rings for women includes Cluster RingsEternity RingsFancy RingsSolitaire Rings and more.

What to consider when buying an Engagement Ring

Apart from purchasing a house or a car, the engagement ring can be one of the most expensive items you will buy. To help you buy the 'right' ring, follow the below steps to help give you a clear direction and knowledge about buying an engagement ring:

  • Research her style - When buying something as expensive and important as an engagement ring, it is easy to get caught up in the hype and excitement at the first jewellers you visit and buying the first ring which is shown to you. Take it slow, and ask questions about the different ring styles, from the cut to the variations in price. And remember to pay attention to her jewellery taste - does she prefer to wear yellow gold or modern white gold and platinum? Does she like to go understated with elegant pieces, or does she go all out with larger statement jewellery? Think about her personality too, honing in on the perfect ring which compliments her style and lifestyle.
  • Determine a budget - How much will an engagement ring cost? Through modern media, men are often expected to spend around a month or two's worth of salary in order to purchase the perfect engagement ring, however don't bow to the pressure that you have to spend this much. There are many options available, no matter the budget - so don't feel that the coins in your pocket are stopping you from picking the perfect diamond sparkler. Balance your budget around the 4 C's - the 4 C's are a recognised way of grading a diamond, giving transparency over its quality and value. The 4 Cs are Colour, Cut, Carat and Clarity, and each 'C' can tell you different aspects of the diamond and the better each area, the higher the price. We'd suggest prioritising the cut and colour of the diamond, being able to compromise on the clarity and carat depending on what your budget is. If your future fiancée has her eye on a large sparkling diamond, skim a little on clarity as this can be unnoticeable during everyday wear.
  • Find out her ring size - Whilst having your girlfriends ring size isn't essential, it can be a nice touch for the engagement ring you pick to perfectly fit her finger so she can start wearing it straight away. The best way to find out the size (without her knowing) is to take a ring which she wears often and take it to a jeweller to size.
  • Get a certification/insurance - Make sure thering you pick comes with certification that the diamonds have undergone a professional and unbiased examination. Having a certificate is proof that the diamonds within the ring are genuine and are of the quality which is stated. Before you make the move to plan the day of your proposal, it is wise to take a look at insurance options to safe guard the valuable piece that your future fiancée will hopefully wear for life.