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Caring For Your Jewellery

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All of our jewellery is crafted to the highest specifications and is made to last, however, ensuring you care for your jewellery properly will increase its lifetime to ensure you keep on getting the most out of it time and time again.

General rule in caring for all jewellery

To help keep your jewellery looking as good as new, take a look at our simple tips below for caring for your jewellery:

  • Store your jewellery in individual boxes to help prevent scratching
  • Remove all jewellery when applying any cosmetic products such as hard cream, perfume/aftershave, make up or hair products

Caring for Platinum

Platinum is a hard wearing metal and daily wear of platinum jewellery may show signs of use on the item. Any scratches on the metal can be removed simply by re-polishing the item.

Caring for Yellow Gold and Rose Gold

To prevent scratching we advise that you store yellow gold and rose gold in separate boxes or jewellery pouches. Any scratches can be treated by polishing the item with the appropriate cleaning products.

Caring for White Gold

The majority of white gold jewellery is rhodium plated and therefore shouldn't be polished in the same way as yellow gold or rose gold. Should your white gold jewellery need re-plating, please contact your local Ramsdens branch for full details. (Note: re-plating is currently only offered as an in branch service).

Caring for Silver

The more you wear your silver jewellery, the better it looks as this helps prevent tarnishing. You can polish silver jewellery with a cloth or clean it with warm soapy water. Ensure that your jewellery is dry before storing it.

Caring for Diamonds

Like with all jewellery metals, the correct storage is essential to looking after your diamond jewellery. As diamonds can scratch diamonds, take care to ensure items aren’t touching each other whilst in storage, using seperate jewellery boxes and pouches where possible. You can clean your diamonds at home with a toothbrush and warm soapy water, making sure that the stone and setting are completely dry with no soapy remains prior to storing.

Caring for Gemstones

No matter which gemstone you are wanting to take care of, the same methods for cleaning apply to all. To clean your gemstones, simply wipe the stones with a soft dry cloth. Some gemstones such as Calcite, Gypsum, Halite, Malachite, and Turquoise should not come into contact with water, soap or cleaning products. This is due to the way these particular gems adversely react with water and/or cleaning products.