Yellow gold: How to buy and style summer 2021's hottest trend


When it comes to fine jewellery and watches, precious metals seem to take it in turns to be the most fashionable. For many years, yellow gold took a backseat to the likes of platinum, white gold, and silver, and while it never really goes out of style, it wasn't able to shine as brilliantly as it should have. More recently, however, gold has come back with a vengeance and has dominated the jewellery scene, and gold jewellery is one of the hottest trends for summer 2021.

But how do you know which pieces to buy, and how do you style them? Whether you've been wearing other metals for years and fancy a change, or you just want to make sure you're embracing this season's favourite metal properly, below are our tips for buying and styling yellow gold jewellery.

Choose the right carat for you

The amount of pure gold a piece of jewellery contains determines how expensive it is. This is known as the carat. Pure gold is the highest carat (24ct) and has the brightest, most yellow colour. It is also the most expensive, whereas 9ct gold has the lowest pure gold content and is therefore the most affordable.

As gold is quite a soft metal, pure gold needs to be mixed with other metal alloys to make it strong enough for jewellery-making. This is why most jewellery is of a lower carat. In the UK, 9ct is the most common.

Which alloys it's mixed with can also influence the colour gold you create. To make 18ct white gold, you mix around 75% pure gold with 25% nickel and zinc to achieve a colour similar to platinum. To make rose gold, you mix it with copper. Whether you prefer white, yellow, or rose gold, they are all more or less as valuable as each other if they are the same carat. This is because they will all contain the same percentages of pure gold in their mix.

Experiment with jewellery styles

The great thing about gold jewellery is that it suits a variety of styles. Depending on whether you want to be bold or add a small touch of luxe to your outfits, you can achieve it with either chunky or delicate yellow gold jewellery.

In terms of differences to other metals, yellow gold has a more vintage quality than white gold or silver. So, if you're a fan of classic or even antique styles, you might find you prefer yellow gold over other toned metals. However, gold is also a popular metal in plenty of contemporary styles too, including urban, modern luxe, and boho.

Don't shy away from mixing metals

If you're wondering whether you can wear different coloured gold jewellery at the same time, the answer is yes! In fact, many pieces of jewellery mix multiple metals on one design. If you wear white and yellow gold together, the warm and cool tones contrast for a dynamic look. As rose gold is mixed with copper, a red-hued metal, the warmth of it complements yellow gold perfectly.

You can use mixed metals to create harmony when layering your jewellery too. Alternating necklaces of varying lengths with different gold tones can help them look less cluttered, and if you wear more than one earring, combining different golds can achieve a more interesting look.

Wear yellow gold with diamonds

Yellow gold diamond jewellery is considered by many to be much more striking than silver, platinum, or white gold. This is because the warm yellow colour contrasts with the dazzling white diamonds, so the stones are more noticeable. Our Anya Belle range has yellow gold diamond jewellery in addition to white gold, so you can take a look at your favourite cool and warm pieces side by side and see which you prefer.

There is another benefit to pairing yellow gold with diamonds. Diamonds with a low colour grade will have a noticeable yellow tinge to them — this often makes them less expensive than higher grade diamonds of a similar carat or weight. The good news is that yellow gold can make low-grade diamonds look whiter by comparison, so you can afford bigger stones and have whiter looking diamonds too.

Yellow gold jewellery is always popular, but it's having a moment during summer 2021. To help you decide which gold jewellery to choose, as well as figure out how to wear your new pieces, bear these tips in mind. You're sure to be bang on trend!

Looking for more jewellery inspiration? You can find all sorts of styling tips in our blog.Or, browse the beautiful jewellery we have here at Ramsdens Jewellery to see what we have available to buy online.

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