Top engagement ring styles of 2021


Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image used for illustration purposes only.

The pandemic threw a spanner in the works for so many plans, but with couples spending plenty more time in the house together, it's no surprise that so many bonds have been strengthened over the past year. And if the extended time by your partner's side has encouraged you to take the leap and begin planning a proposal, you're no doubt thinking hard about the engagement ring you'll present them with.

Unlike other jewellery, engagement rings are created to be timeless, elegant, and classic so that they never go out of style. But that doesn't mean some styles aren't more popular than others over certain periods. So, if you're struggling to find the perfect piece to present your partner with, don't fret! We will be rounding up some of the top engagement ring styles of 2021 to give you some inspiration before you begin your search. 

Simple solitaires

Your bride-to-be will want her engagement ring to reflect her personal style, so it's important you take this into account when shopping around rather than picking statement pieces you've never seen her wear previously.

If your partner loves a classic, understated style, a solitaire engagement ring will the perfect choice. Chosen by famous names including Princess Beatrice, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Jennifer Aniston, solitaire designs exude effortless luxury that will make the lucky lady in your life feel very special. Featuring one singular diamond mounted in the centre of a plain band, this is a go-to option for women who like to keep their jewellery styles simple yet stunning.

If you think your wife-to-be would love the solitaire style but would want some added sparkle, consider looking at rings with diamonds paved on the band. In addition, buying a diamond with great clarity, brilliance, and fire can help you to make the right choice for your partner who loves a touch of subtle glitz and glamour. 

Classic clusters

If your fiancé-to-be loves her jewellery to be a little more detailed than a solitaire design, a cluster engagement ring might just be your next best bet. Including a number of stones clustered together, this is sure to be the perfect option for women who love jewellery that boasts plenty of sparkle.

The stones within a cluster don't necessarily have to be typical round shapes, and instead can take the form of flower or heart clusters to add a truly meaningful touch to your partner's engagement ring. Cluster rings can also include beautiful halo designs that have been favoured by Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Natalie Portman. This specific type of cluster is defined by a gorgeous centre stone that's framed with a smaller circle of stones to give it the halo effect. With these rings hosting so many diamonds, it's only to be expected that they will shine extremely bright when the light hits them. 

Traditional trilogy

Trilogy rings have been popular in almost all centuries, bringing together elements of solitaire and cluster styles in a more subtle way. As well as looking beautiful and upping the total diamond content in your partner's ring, trilogy engagement rings are incredibly sentimental with the three stones representing a couple's past, present, and future. Some even use the three stones to nod to the ultimate phrase of romance, "I love you", so you can count on this being a super special piece to propose to your loved one with.

Trilogy rings are popular in the celebrity and royal world, with Prince Harry actually selecting and designing a ring in this style himself for his proposal to Meghan Markle back in 2018. And the best part of trilogy rings? Each of the stones can be a different shape if you so wish. For example, choosing a centre stone that's rounded and complimented by emerald-shaped inclusions on either side can create a beautifully unique piece for the lady in your life. 

Charming, coloured gemstones

Although clear diamonds have always come on top for jewellery trends across the ages, some key figures have made coloured gemstone engagement rings a possibility for brides-to-be everywhere. From Princess Diana's stunning sapphire which now sits on the hand of Kate Middleton, to Victoria Beckham's collection of 15 engagement rings which boasts a selection of emerald, rubies, and sapphires, it's clear that coloured gemstones have never gone out of style.

And over the past couple of years it seems coloured gemstone engagement rings have been getting a reboot. From Princess Eugenie's pink padparadscha which we saw in 2018 to Katy Perry's vivid pink diamond ring, we're seeing plenty of beautiful hues being used in place of clear diamonds.

If you think your partner would love a coloured gemstone to match her colourful personality, why not consider going with her birthstone or favourite colour? You could even look into colour psychology to see what colours are associated with her personal traits, such as optimism and happiness, and find gemstones that match up. This could be anything from stunning sapphires, to radiant rubies or enviable emerald rings.

Yellow gold settings

Gold has been favoured for centuries for its stunning natural radiance and luxury. In the past, yellow gold was previously replaced by demand for white gold engagement rings for a more modern look. But it looks like yellow gold is set to rise to the top again, with the warm hue cropping up more and more over recent years.

While white gold is still a great option for ladies who adore the look of silver, yellow gold engagement rings have been selected by some very influential names from models, to A-listers, and royals. So, exploring this avenue might lead you to the perfect piece for your partner.

Your engagement will be one of the most memorable and treasured moments of yours and your partner's lives and making sure you have a beautiful ring to surprise your bride-to-be with will make it even more special. Here at Ramsdens Jewellery, we specialise in a range of new and pre-owned jewellery to suit all styles and budgets, as well as a stunning engagement ring selection, so you can be certain you'll find something to suit your future fiancé with. We also have a handy engagement ring buying guide that's sure to help you if you're still stuck deciding.

For more gift and proposal inspiration, be sure to keep up with our blog. We also have plenty of cleaning, care, and buying advice in our jewellery and watch guides so you can learn how to choose and protect your new pieces.

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