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Autumn is here! And along with the new season, you’ll be greeted with plenty of trends you’ll want to try out. While autumn and winter offer great opportunities to dust off your favourite coats and knitwear, now is also the perfect time to experiment with new accessory trends. And, this year, jewellery is set to be bigger and better than ever.

Gone are the days of keeping it simple and, instead, the catwalks have shown us that statement pieces are the ones to watch in the coming months. From oversized chain link jewellery to pearls and standout earrings, you’re going to want to incorporate some of these great trends into your autumn and winter looks.

Matching sets

While the summer was more focussed on mixing and matching pieces, the colder months are set to see a surge in matching sets that add a touch of luxury to any of your looks. Think a dazzling set of drop earrings teamed with a stunning pendant chain in the same style.

Although matching sets in statement styles will have the biggest impact, if you prefer a more subtle style, you can still achieve this with simpler pieces. For example, try pairing plain bangles with simple ring bands and stud earrings in the same metal for a truly put together look that you can wear on a daily basis.

Oversized chain links

Fine chains are a staple in any jewellery box, but this season is all about upping the ante and choosing chunkier pieces. Oversized chain link necklaces and accessories dominated the AW19 catwalks earlier this year, with the likes of Paco Rabanne using enlarged chains as a key theme in their pre-AW19 collection.

If you’re looking to try out this trend, we recommend keeping it simple with plain chunky chains, rather than opting for anything too detailed and fancy. Curb, figaro, and belcher chains are all great for this. Alternatively, you can get bracelets in the same style. You could even pair these together to tick the matched set trend box, too.

The great thing about chain links is that they’re available in a selection of sizes, so you can choose how oversized and statement you’d like to go with your accessories. Plus, as there are both gold and silver versions, you can find one to fit in with the rest of your jewellery collection.

Pretty pearls

Pearls have become synonymous with luxury over time and are thought to be quite traditional and timeless. From important figureheads like Princess Diana to modern icons like Scarlett Johansson, pearls have long been worn by powerful women to show status and wealth.

They slowly began emerging over the spring and summer months, but they’re set to be a main jewellery focus for the colder months. Whether this is because the pearlescent tone complements the white ice and snow, or simply because they look great paired with the dark tones of winter fashion, they are bound to help you make an impact this season.

When choosing pearl jewellery, consider the metals they’re set in as, if you plan to wear all of your pieces together, these will need to be the same. You should also note that less isn’t more when it comes to pearls. Instead, think of investing in pieces that can all be worn together, such as pearl bangles, rings, earrings, and necklaces that will add some luxury to any of your outfits.

Statement earrings

This autumn and winter, let your earrings do the talking. Statement styles are set to be a massive trend in the upcoming months, and what better way to celebrate this than by investing in a couple of fancy earrings to complete your jewellery collection?

While some finely crafted stud earrings can add a beautiful touch to your outfits, thinking bigger will gain you some serious style points. Earring designs we are particularly loving this month are hoop, drop, and fancy styles, all of which can add a dash of character to an otherwise simple look.

If you want to standout with some colour, consider picking coloured stone earrings, which include dazzling gemstones. You could even incorporate your birthstone into these for an extra personal touch that’ll tick this season’s trend boxes.

There you have it! The top jewellery trends for AW19 that you’ll want to give a go. Whether you go all out with bold statements, or you choose to adapt these to a more pared down style, following these will ensure you look great through the coming months.

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