How to wear your diamond ring: 5 styles

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Diamond rings are among some of the most classic pieces you can have in your jewellery collection. Traditionally given as engagement rings, and other special milestones and occasions, their versatility means they can be worn every day and match with every outfit you own.

While traditionally these were worn as standalone pieces, times are changing and new trends are coming in where stacking, matching and innovation are the focus. So, if you want to switch up your style without having to buy a new diamond ring or have just been gifted one and are looking for a unique way to wear it, you’re in luck!

Here, we will be showing you five versatile ways that you can wear your diamond ring.

1. Wear as a standout piece

The beauty of all diamond rings is that, no matter how subtly made, these can be worn solo to add a touch of luxury and act as a standout piece all on their own. This means you can still get heads turning at work or in other formal environments where it’s not appropriate to layer on loads of your finest jewellery all at once.

A lot of time and effort will have gone into choosing your diamond ring, so you’ll want to show it off. And, the secret to doing so is leaving all other accessories in the jewellery box. So, no matter what kind of diamond ring you have, whether that’s a classic and sophisticated solitaire, a dazzling trilogy or one that is complemented by neighbouring coloured stones, they can certainly pack a punch all on their own.

To ensure your diamond rings are living up to the potential as a statement piece, you’ll need to make sure you look after them well. Our ring cleaning and care guide will help you to ensure that your diamond ring is always the star of the show.

2. Wear with stacking rings

Although your diamond ring is perfectly capable of making an impact all on its own, there’s no reason why you can’t pair it with other rings to create a stacking effect and give your looks an extra style boost. And, with so many different ring styles out there for you to choose, you’ll always have a new stack to create.

If you have a relatively simple diamond ring, such as a solitaire, and want to keep it simple, try pairing it with an eternity ring that’s paved with diamonds, like this 18ct white gold princess cut eternity ring, which will add some additional subtle detailing and glamour to your looks. Or, for something simpler, choose a plain ring that’ll ensure your diamond is still the showpiece.

However, if you already have quite a fancy diamond ring or are looking to create a statement stacker using your diamond ring, we recommend checking out our range of keeper rings that are chunkier in style, but nevertheless, still elegant.

For an extra personal touch, why not incorporate your birthstone? As well as signifying a month that’s special and significant to you, these stones come in an array of colours so they’ll certainly add a pop of colour to your stacking ring arrangement — something we expect to see a lot in 2020 jewellery trends.

3. Wear on a necklace chain

Gone are the days where fashion has to be followed conventionally, and if you’ve recently started to branch out with your clothing style, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can also apply this to jewellery.

While the traditional place to wear your ring is your finger, don’t let this put you off from trying something new. Wearing your diamond ring on a fine necklace chain that complements it is a fun, innovative way of showing off your dazzling ring. Plus, this can be incredibly handy if you work with your hands a lot but still want to be able to wear your ring.

When it comes to choosing a necklace chain, we would advise you pick one that is made from the same metal as your diamond ring is. This will add class and sophistication, and ensure you have cohesion between the two — something we will be talking about a little later in this blog post. Additionally, you should also look for something subtle and dainty, like this 9ct yellow gold 18″ belcher chain, to ensure no attention is taken away from your diamond ring.

4. Wear with a diamond watch

While you can leave your diamond ring to speak for itself, pairing with a dazzling and sparkling wrist accessory can actually draw more attention to your hand and wrist areas, giving you a luxurious aesthetic.

Diamond watches aren’t supposed to fit in, they’re designed to stand out from the crowd, so you’ll be pleased to know that there aren’t many rules you need to follow for picking one to go with your diamond ring. However, we do have some guidelines we’d recommend following to ensure you find yourself the perfect one.

If your diamond ring is on the more subtle and dainty side, we’d recommend opting for a smaller-sized watch face. However, if you’ve got a large diamond ring, you can choose a bigger watch face to match — just make sure it doesn’t look too overpowering as this will turn attention away from your ring.

The second consideration you need to make here is to choose a watch that’s made from the same metal as your ring. As mentioned before, ensuring your metals match creates cohesion, and if AW19 jewellery trends are anything to go by, this is important if you want to tick all of the right boxes in 2020, too.

5. Wear with matching diamond accessories

Diamonds are best complemented by other diamonds, and we can’t think of any better way of accessorising than wearing matching diamond jewellery at the same time. And, with so many different accessories to choose from, from diamond necklaces, to bracelets and earrings, the possibilities are endless.

When choosing these pieces, you will need to consider a few things:

  • The metal of the pieces: You’ll want the colour of the metal that the diamond is set on to be the same as your diamond ring to ensure you achieve a truly matched set.
  • The style of your outfit: As well as matching your diamond pieces to the formality of the situation, you’ll also need to consider the style of your outfit to ensure your diamond jewellery is evenly spread. For example, diamond necklaces look great with a Bardot neckline, while bracelets look better with mid- or short sleeves.
  • The shape of the diamonds: Your jewellery will look best as a matched set if you choose the same shape for the diamonds as your ring. For example, if your ring is a solitaire, pick other rounded diamond accessories to complement it perfectly.

Diamonds are an incredibly versatile gemstone, so be sure to make the most of your dazzling diamond ring by trying one (or all!) of our five ways to wear them. Whether you want to up the ante of your outfits with a selection of stackable rings, or wear your ring on a necklace for a unique touch, you’re sure to find a new way of showing off your dazzling diamond ring.

For more style and advice pieces, be sure to keep up to date with our blog posts. And, for any cleaning or care information, check out our jewellery and watch guides.

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