Diamond shapes: what does your diamond say about you?


Diamonds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each one as beautiful as the last. So, choosing your favourite can certainly be a challenge! But did you know that every diamond cut is said to suit a different type of person? Things like your fashion sense, your personality, and your approach to life can influence the type of diamonds you prefer to wear, so they're a pretty good indicator of what you can be like as a person.

Whether you're looking for more diamond jewellery or just want to know what the contents of your jewellery box say about you, in this blog post we'll take you through seven common diamond shapes and briefly tell you what they mean.


Round is thought to be the quintessential diamond shape. It's the most common and popular shape too, thanks to its timeless quality. So, if you choose round shaped diamonds, you likely have a classy and elegant personality.

Round diamonds will suit any type of jewellery and can be found adding sparkle to everything, from eternity rings to bangles. Most of all, round diamonds make perfect stud earrings.


Like round diamonds, oval diamonds are considered to be a very classic shape that's unlikely to ever go out of fashion. But people who prefer oval-shaped diamonds are more likely to be creative and artistic than those who choose round.

Oval is also slightly narrower than round, so oval diamonds are the perfect shape for diamond rings because they're very flattering on the finger.


Long and flattering with a point at either end, marquise diamonds are perfect for lovers of vintage style. Diamonds shaped this way tend to go in and out of fashion, so whoever chooses this diamond shape marches to the beat of their own drum.

Like oval-shaped diamonds, marquise diamonds look best when set in rings due to their elongated shape — but they also make great pendants.


Pear-shaped diamonds have rounded bottoms and a pointed tip, a bit like a teardrop. If you like pear diamonds, your tastes are a bit more contemporary than people who prefer round, oval, or marquise diamonds — but still with a touch of elegance.

The pear shape makes these diamonds ideal for drop earrings, a very popular and attractive style of jewellery. Drop earrings can be worn during the day or in the evening, so it's a very versatile shape.


Emerald diamonds are very unique due to having few facets. Usually, facets are added to a diamond for sparkle, whereas emerald cuts focus on clarity and shine. So, if you are confident, have expensive taste, and like to make an impact, the emerald shape is for you.

The emerald shape is bold and opulent, so it's no surprise that it's one of the trendiest diamond cuts for an engagement ring!


The princess cut is a modern-looking square-shaped diamond popular with celebrities and fashionistas, so they're perfect for people who love beauty and keeping up with the latest trends.

The princess cut looks eye-catching on its own or alongside other diamonds, so it is a great option for solitaire and trilogy rings.

Princess cut diamonds look pleasantly geometric due to their straight edges and pointed corners: if you prefer a more rounded square shape, look into Asscher or cushion-cut diamonds.


It will come as no surprise that the heart is the most romantic diamond shape on this list. While it brings to mind fairy tales, the heart-shaped diamond is also associated with playful and quirky personalities.

You can find heart diamonds in all sorts of jewellery, including rings that are perfect for proposals or just showing you care.

Diamonds are so versatile — not just because they go with everything, but because there are so many different shapes and cuts to choose from. If you're wondering which type of diamond to buy next, the tips in this guide can help you work out which will suit your style the most.

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