Diamond Buying Guide

When purchasing diamond jewellery, it is important to consider ‘The 4 C’s’ – Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. These four elements help craft the appearance and individual brilliance of a diamond. Here, we give you a brief overview of what each one means to help you choose the right diamond.

The Carat

Diamonds are measured in carats which relates to the weight of the stone as opposed to the size. Carats are fragmented into points with 100 points equalling one carat.

It is worth noting that the carat weight does not necessarily reveal the size of a diamond – a bigger item may in fact weigh less.

If a piece of jewellery has more than one diamond, such as a diamond cluster ring, all of the stones on the item are weighed together as opposed to individually.

diamond jewellery carat

The Colour

Whilst the majority of diamonds on the market are sold as near colourless, the below chart outlines the grading of each diamond relating to their colour. Using the scale below, diamond colours are graded from D (least colour) all the way through to Z (light yellow colour). Grade D is the best grade given to diamonds, and these are the most desirable due to their rarity.

diamond colour

  • D-F: colourless
  • G-J: near colourless
  • K-M: faint yellow
  • N-R: very light yellow
  • Z+: fancy yellow

The Clarity

Diamonds are a natural material and therefore contain unique internal characteristics known as inclusions. These are what make all diamonds truly unique, just like a fingerprint.

diamond jewellery clarity

The Cut

The cut of a diamond refers to the stone’s shape and the quality of the diamond is determined by how the facets interrelate with light.

There are several different cut styles, which are illustrated in the table below:

diamond jewellery cut

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