December Birthstone – Tanzanite

Tanzanite, blue topaz, zircon and turquoise all represent December’s birthstone. With tanzanite being a strong favourite for jewellery lovers we take a look at the gems short but important history. Tanzanite’s vibrant blue-purple colour eludes glamour and has become a very popular modern gemstone, due to it’s rarity and beauty!

The tanzanite gemstone has often been thought of as a ‘push present’, typically presented in jewellery form and gifted to those who have given birth!

18ct White Gold Diamond And Tanzanite Ring – Our Price £385.00 (RRP £677.00)


With its luscious colour tanzanite is one of the newest gemstones to be discovered, only being discovered in 1967 when a deposit of blue gemstones was found by a Masai tribesman, in the Merelani Hills in Tanzania – the only place in the world that tanzanite is mined! Tanzanite is a violet-purple-blue variety of Zoisite which usually comes out the mine as a brown colour, needing heat treatment to reveal the beautiful colour within.

One of our top picks for tanzanite jewellery is the 18ct white gold diamond and tanzanite ring, with its three oval tanzanite gemstones that alternate with brilliant cut sparkling diamonds. The vibrant colour of the tanzanite gemstones pop against the cool polished white gold setting and band, revealing the pleochroism flashes of blue, purple and burgundy.

9ct Yellow Gold Diamond And Tanzanite Signet Ring – Our Price £729.00

Tanzanite became famous when Tiffany & Co. saw the potential, named the stone and did a mass marketing campaign. Overnight the prices of tanzanite rocketed and started to compete with ruby, sapphire and emerald.

This 9ct yellow gold diamond and tanzanite signet ring is the perfect pick for the gentlemen who likes to wear statement pieces, a round vibrant tanzanite gemstone is set in the centre of an ornate oval panel, with dazzling diamonds that surround the tanzanite gemstone. The chunky design of this signet ring would suit any gentleman who wishes to stand out, perhaps dressed down with a t shirt and jeans or with a three-piece suit!

9ct Yellow Gold Tanzanite Tennis 7.5” Bracelet – Our Price £229.00

This tanzanite tennis bracelet is simply beautiful! Opulent oval cut tanzanite gemstones are claw set in yellow gold before fastening with a lobster clasp fastening, the perfect gift for any December baby or just as a ‘just because’ present to yourself! Wear this bracelet alongside your current jewellery, mixing it with various tones of precious metals to create a unique personalised look for you.

Tanzanite displays strong pleochroism. Pleochroism is where a gem shows different colours when viewed from different angles. Tanzanite displays three colours in three different crystal directions. The most valuable colour of tanzanite is a saturated medium blue which displays purple as a secondary colour. If your budget doesn’t stretch as far as the prized tanzanite there is plenty of beautiful tanzanite jewellery on the market which is a lighter blue/purple colour and still sure to turn heads.

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