Christening jewellery: 5 gift ideas for kids


As lockdown lifts and we can start to organise events again, you may be thinking about planning or attending a child's christening. Whether you're a devout Christian or not, christenings are a great opportunity to gather friends and loved ones and celebrate the new family member, and the occasion is usually marked by giving gifts.

Christening gifts are usually keepsakes designed to last a long time, so the child can cherish them as they grow up. So, many people choose to give jewellery. Christening jewellery is sentimental, wearable, and sure to be a hit with even the youngest recipient. So, whether you're a parent, family member, or friend, it's worth taking the time to find the perfect piece of jewellery to give as a christening present.

Below, we'll share five christening gift ideas to help you choose.

Stick to timeless pieces

Traditional christening gifts include cross and crucifix jewellery, typically a necklace or pendant, to symbolise the child's Christian faith. Other popular christening gifts include bangles, often adjustable and perfect for small children who are still growing, and signet rings, which are a symbol of family. These gifts can be bought in a wide range of precious metals, from silver and platinum to white, yellow, and rose gold.

Choose a modern design

In more recent years, modern christening gifts include more contemporary options such as locket necklaces. These make great presents because of their sentimental value, as you can pop in a small photo as a keepsake. Alternatively, earrings are a growing trend in Christening gifts for older children who have their ears pierced. This is because they're one-size, so kids can wear their christening earrings throughout their whole lives. Yellow gold is often considered to be the traditional metal of choice for christenings, but you can add a more modern flair with a cool-toned silver piece.

Get them something they love

Christening jewellery gifts are always appreciated by the parents of the child being christened, but kids know what they like, too. So, if they're old enough to have interests, you could look for jewellery that appeals to the taste of the child. For example, you might like to look for pink or heart-shaped jewellery, or look for pieces that feature their favourite colour. They'll love wearing jewellery that has been designed with children in mind and won't be able to resist showing it off to their friends.

Include their birthstone

Children love personalised gifts, so what better way to celebrate their christening than to gift them some birthstone jewellery? Each month of the year has a designated coloured gemstone (November and December each have two), so depending on when their birthday is you should buy them some jewellery that includes the following gems:

Wow them with diamonds

Christenings are an important life event, so if you really want to push the boat out, you can choose a gift that features dazzling diamonds. Diamond jewellery is long-lasting and special, so it's sure to go down a treat. Diamonds are also colourless, which means that all tastes, genders, and ages will appreciate them.

If you want to buy diamond jewellery but you have a limited budget, you can find great deals by shopping in pre-owned diamond jewellery collections. If you buy pre-owned from Ramsdens Jewellery, you know that anything you receive will have been meticulously checked before it's sold to assure its quality. So, you can get great quality gold, silver, and diamonds without paying full price.

Alternatively, you could try looking for jewellery that features cubic zirconia or white sapphires. These colourless stones look just like precious diamonds, but are a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

These are just five great ideas for gifting jewellery at your next christening. Whether you're a proud parent or guest, durable and sentimental jewellery is a great option to consider.

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