Autumn 2021: 5 jewellery trends and how to wear them


It's officially Autumn! The leaves are turning gold, the weather is getting crisp, and seasonal drinks are starting to appear on coffee shop menus once more. But this time of year is also associated with fashion, as the changing seasons inspire a change of wardrobe. New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week have all gone ahead in person this year, after going digital during the pandemic in 2020. And, if all this has got you excited to learn about the latest autumn jewellery trends, you've come to the right place!

Below, we'll take you through five styles of jewellery that are trending right now, as well as some tips for how to incorporate them into your existing collection.

Pendants and charms

The charm jewellery trend is one that has carried over from Spring/Summer, and it is showing no sign of going away soon. This year, every type of jewellery — from fine chain necklaces to hoop earrings — has been personalised with pendants to create unique, maximalist looks.

The beauty of this trend is that it is so customisable, and there are options to suit every individual taste. You can buy these pieces ready to go, or you can choose to decorate your existing jewellery or any of our necklaces, bracelets, or earrings with any pendant or charm you like. We also like this trend because it encourages individuality, so look for charms that represent your personality or have a special meaning for you.

Coloured gemstones

In recent years, the fashion world has started to enjoy using colour in jewellery again. In Spring/Summer, enamel pieces were popular, but for Autumn/Winter, the focus is set to be on coloured gemstones. Whether you prefer rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or another jewel, you can look for pieces featuring these stones to get in on this trend. But, to really embrace the look, why not mix and match?

Another rising trend in the jewellery world is the use of lab-grown gemstones. So, you can take on two trends at once by browsing our created ruby, emerald, and sapphire collections.

Chain jewellery

Chain jewellery is always in fashion in some form or other, but for autumn 2021, it's curb chains that are coming out on top. This is largely due to brogues being in vogue, a style of footwear that often features a curb chain detail. And, what better way to co-ordinate your accessories than to match your jewellery to your shoes?

To give your chain jewellery a 2021 update, focus on yellow-gold curb chain necklaces and bracelets. Not only are these the most fashionable, but the warm, autumnal undertone of yellow gold is perfect for pairing with other seasonal colours such as red, orange, and brown.

Statement earrings

Every jewellery collection needs a pair of statement earrings, whether those are hoops, drop earrings, or another style of fancy earring. And, for autumn 2021, these pieces of jewellery are even more prominent than usual.

The best thing about this statement earring trend is that it applies to men, too. Where men's jewellery has traditionally been plain and subtle, over the past few years we have seen it become bolder and more experimental. So, if you're wondering how to update your look with just one easy swap, why not invest in some new earrings?


Brooches are perhaps the most surprising new trend to arise in 2021. They have been quietly out of fashion for a few decades, but as minimalism is out and maximalism is in, brooches have once again been featured on catwalks and incorporated into street style across the globe.

Many brooches have a vintage quality that suits the wools, velvets, and other warm fabrics of the autumn season perfectly. Our favourites are brooches with coloured stones that are ideal for adding add a pop of colour to your autumn coat, as well as a touch of luxury.

Autumn is an exciting time of year for many reasons, but it's also a great opportunity to update your style. These are just five of the best jewellery trends to buy right now, but remember that all of our jewellery is high quality and sure to impress. And, by shopping in our pre-owned collections, you can get genuine gold, silver, diamonds, and more for a fraction of the cost you'd pay full price. We also provide free UK delivery as standard, plus a 14-day returns period for peace of mind. So, why not take a look?

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