5 tips for picking the perfect engagement ring for an autumn proposal


As the leaves change colour and the cold weather creeps in, it's no surprise that so many of us want to get cosy with our loved ones — and maybe even ask for their hand in marriage. While the festive period takes the top spot for the month with the most engagements each year, autumn proposals and weddings are rapidly on the rise. So, if you're thinking of popping the question this autumn, you're probably on the hunt for an engagement ring!

If you or your loved one are autumn obsessives, or if it's a special month for you both for other reasons, you might want to consider an engagement ring that has been inspired by autumn. These can encompass all the richness and warmth of the season with the right gemstones and metals, so you can celebrate your love for autumn — and each other — all year round.

Below are our tips for picking the perfect engagement ring for your proposal in the autumn.

Find the best diamond

The main stone in an engagement ring is traditionally a dazzling diamond, and it has been this way for nearly 100 years. So, the biggest challenge you may face when shopping for your engagement ring is making sure you're getting the best diamond for your budget.

However, there are many different factors to include when choosing the optimal stone. Most people will tell you to look at the four Cs: colour, carat, cut, and clarity. These four qualities dictate the overall quality of your diamond, as well as its value. You can read our diamond buying guide to find out more.

Pick a coloured gemstone

Autumn is such a colourful season, and its scenery provides the perfect backdrop to your proposal — no wonder it's such a popular time to get engaged! To celebrate the richness of the world around you, you might want to consider choosing a coloured gemstone alongside your diamond, such as rubyemerald, or sapphire. If you really want to focus on the earthy orange tones of the season, you could even look for semi-precious gemstone jewellery such as topaz, garnet, or citrine.

Choose a warm metal

As well as choosing the right stones, you'll also have to consider picking the right metal for the band and setting of your engagement ring. For autumnal engagement rings, you should lean more towards yellow gold over silver-toned jewellery, as the warm undertone of this metal better compliments the browns, oranges, and reds of the season. Yellow gold is also ideal for adding a bit of warmth to your loved one's palette as the weather starts to get colder.

Alternatively, you could consider a rose gold engagement ring. This copper-tinted form of gold gets more popular every year, and its pinkish hue is perfect for a romantic proposal. Like yellow gold, its undertone is warmer than white gold or platinum, so it's ideal for crisp autumn days.

Think vintage

While the spring equinox is associated with new beginnings and looking to the future, the autumn equinox is much more focussed on reflection and remembrance. As a result, you'll see much more vintage, retro, or even antique-inspired jewellery. When choosing an engagement ring for an autumn proposal, try looking at our Inspired by vintage and pre-owned collections to find the perfect pieces for a retrospective autumnal look. Not only are these more likely to have the qualities you're looking for, but you may be more likely to find unique pieces too.

Plan your proposal

After you've found the perfect ring, you'll need to do it justice with a proposal that really makes the most of what the autumn season has to offer. An outdoor proposal would be ideal — you can take your loved one on your favourite walk or to a special place, surrounded by all the colours and sounds of autumn. At this time of year, you can also enjoy plenty of harvest activities, such as a trip to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Whatever you choose, make sure it's special to you both and something your loved one is likely to remember forever.

Whether your partner is someone who loves autumn, or it's a special month for you both for other reasons, bear these tips in mind and you're sure to pull off the perfect proposal.

At Ramsdens Jewellery, we have a wide variety of jewellery and watches to suit all tastes and budgets. Did you know that we sell new jewellery as well as pre-owned? That means that no matter what you're looking for, we're confident we'll have it here — and for a great price, too.

For more buying and styling tips, check out the rest of our blog or have a look at our jewellery and watch guides for more expert advice. 

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