5 tips for organising your jewellery at home


Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Do you find yourself constantly adding things to your jewellery collection? While beautiful jewellery makes a great investment and is fantastic for helping you to try out new styles, things can get a bit chaotic when you're trying to store lots of little (and big!) pieces of delicate jewellery together — especially if there are plenty of necklaces and bracelets that can get tangled together.

When you've spent time and money picking out high-quality pieces to add to your collection, it's important that you know how to organise and store them to maintain their appearance, so you can enjoy them for longer. Here, we will be sharing our top five tips for organising your jewellery at home.

Declutter your jewellery collection first

If you are somewhat of a jewellery hoarder, it's a good idea to go through your entire jewellery collection first to see what you still wear, what's no longer your style, and to identify any damaged or delicate pieces that will need to be stored differently. This is a particularly important step to take if you're planning on creating a capsule jewellery collection that is made up of staple pieces, rather than having an overflow of accessories you barely ever wear.

To spring clean your jewellery, you'll need to take it item by item and decide how often you'll wear each piece by looking at its versatility. You'll also want to consider whether it's still your style. If not, the good news is that you can either gift it to friends and family or, if it's high-quality and made from genuine precious metals, you can usually sell it to pawn shops that will find it a loving new home.

The essential pieces you'll want to keep will mainly be timeless and versatile jewellery like diamond rings, plain bangles, and simple necklaces. Once you've narrowed down your pieces, it'll be time to think about how best to store each type of jewellery.

Invest in a tiered jewellery box

Jewellery boxes offer the simplest, and sometimes easiest, way to store your jewellery if you have lots of little bits that would otherwise be dotted around your dressing room. Investing in a jewellery box with multiple tiers is a great way of keeping pieces separate, which could otherwise rub against each other and cause damage.

In tiered jewellery boxes, there are usually padded ridges of fabric that are perfect for slotting your rings between to secure them, as well as modular sections that are ideal for storing your earrings in. It helps to go for a jewellery box that has specific areas for things, as this reduces the likelihood of you misplacing them, and also prevents damage which could occur if your smaller pieces of jewellery were left to freely roll around.

While these are fantastic for organising your smaller pieces of jewellery, it's important to note that chains don't tend to do too well stored flat. This is because, if your jewellery box moves or your necklaces and bracelets overlap, they could become knotted and tangled.

Hang your necklaces and bracelets

As mentioned before, chain jewellery like necklaces and bracelets can become tangled when laid in a jewellery box, so it's recommended to hang them up. The best way to do this is to invest in a jewellery stand. Not only will this stop your chains becoming knotted and damaged, but it can also make a beautiful addition to your dressing table or bedroom.

If you want something a bit more compact for your jewellery or have chains that are too long to hang perfectly on a stand, you could consider doing a little DIY and putting up some pegs or hooks on your wall. This will also add a nice decorative touch to your room, while ensuring your necklaces are stored well.

But you'll need to be aware that certain metals can fade when in prolonged and direct sunlight. This means that hanging them on the back of your wardrobe doors or somewhere dim is better than in a place that regularly sees the sun. This is especially important if your chains are silver or gold, and particularly if they have gemstones embedded within them as sunlight can also damage some gemstones like amethyst and topaz.

Keep your favourite jewellery close

Many of us have favourite pieces of jewellery that we wear every single day without fail, and that can even mean wearing them to bed. However, wearing your jewellery while tossing and turning in bed can create cosmetic damage to your precious metals and even loosen gemstones from their settings, so it's always best to remove them before bed. 

Whether it's your favourite pair of studs, or your engagement ring, it's a good idea to have these close by your bed so you can just reach and get them on a morning. As well as making it a little easier for you, it will limit the amount of time you have to spend shuffling your accessories around in your jewellery box, which can help to prevent accidental damages being caused to your beautiful pieces.

One way of keeping these safe and close by is to invest in a jewellery dish that can go on your bedside table. You can take off your rings before you go to bed and won't have to spend the morning tearing your room apart to find them again. Jewellery dishes can come in a number of designs, so you'll be sure to find one to suit your bedroom décor. They can also be handy if you use your hands a lot during cooking or baking, as they'll keep your jewellery clean and safe.

If you'd prefer to have your jewellery hidden during the night, then why not buy yourself a mini jewellery box that has compartments to fit the earrings, rings, and bracelets you wear daily?

Don't forget about your watch!

If you've treated yourself to a new watch, it's important to keep the box, as this is the perfect storage place for it. As well as fitting your new timepiece inside it perfectly, it'll protect your watch from direct sunlight and any accidental damage during storage, including scratches and dents.

If you've had your watch for a while and have since gotten rid of the box it came with, you can buy a watch tray or insert that'll slot into your drawers. However you choose to organise your watches, it's important that you always store these face side up. Doing any different could lead to cracks and marks on the watch face, which could affect its functionality and usage.

It can be all too easy to take off your jewellery and leave it laying on your side tables or all mixed together inside your jewellery box. But, when you've spent good money building up your collection, it's important that you look after it correctly, which includes knowing how to organise your jewellery whether it's new or pre-owned. Hopefully this blog post gave you plenty of tips and inspiration for looking after your pieces when you're not wearing them — you'll be glad you did!

For more advice, be sure to take a look at the jewellery and watch guides we have. There are tips on cleaning and caring for your jewellery, as well as information on your birthstone. And don't forget to keep up to date with our blog posts for more helpful tips, as well as gift guides and more.

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