4 pieces of diamond jewellery every woman should own

diamond rings
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We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but with so many different pieces of diamond jewellery around, it can be difficult to know which must-haves to add to your collection. Whether you’ve got a simple or bold style, diamonds are wonderfully versatile, which means whatever you buy can seamlessly take you from work to formal dinners or evenings out with friends.

So, if you’re planning your next purchase and like the sound of adding a few dazzlers into your collection, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we will be sharing four pieces of diamond jewellery we think that every woman should own.

Diamond rings

Diamond rings are one of the most popular pieces of diamond jewellery to gift, and with good reason! The number of styles of diamond ring out there make it impossible not to find one to suit your aesthetic. If you love to keep everything subtle and understated, a beautiful solitaire ring will be your favourite new accessory, while those that prefer bolder statements could go with coloured stones or fancy diamond rings.

The best thing about diamond rings is that, no matter what style you opt for, they are so incredibly versatile so you won’t have to worry about whether they’ll match up with your outfits. So, whether you’re looking for a diamond ring you can save for special occasions, or something that will add a little touch of luxury to your everyday aesthetic, these pieces are an absolute must-have.

You can find plenty more diamond ring inspiration in our collection of ladies’ diamond rings.

Diamond bracelets

Diamond bracelets are perfect for adding a bit of glitz and glamour to your looks, and just like diamond rings, they can tick both the subtle and statement boxes if you shop carefully. But, before purchasing one of these beautiful pieces of jewellery, it’s important that you consider how large the diamonds will be against your wrist without looking too bulky. If you have a particularly narrow wrist, we’d advise going with a dainty stone set diamond tennis bracelet. But, if you feel you can go bigger, then a sleek curb diamond bracelet might just be the perfect piece for you.

Another reason you’ll need to consider the size and style of your diamond bracelet is down to the occasions you want to wear it for. Generally, we’d recommend investing in two different diamond bracelets to complete your collection: one subtle piece you can wear to work, and another fancier piece for nights out. If at any point you want to wear both, wearing them on different wrists will ensure you still look stylish.

Diamond necklaces

Diamond necklaces are undeniably classy, which makes them a must-have for women of all tastes. When worn with Bardot or plunge necklines, diamond necklaces can subtle draw attention to your décolletage and add a beautiful finishing touch to any of your outfits.

But, if you’re on the lookout for a stunning diamond necklace to add to your jewellery collection, there are a couple of considerations you’ll need to make. Firstly, what sort of style would you go for? Cluster and stone set diamond necklaces will add a subtly luxurious touch, while diamond necklaces with coloured stones can ensure you get heads turning wherever you go.

Secondly, you’ll need to think about where you want to wear your diamond necklace. If you want to make the most of your investment by being able to wear it every day, you’ll have to opt for something that adheres to your workplace dress code. On the other hand, if you’ll be reserving it for special occasions, you could choose a fancy diamond necklace that’ll make sure you’re the star of the show.  

If you love to get inventive with your jewellery, it’ll also be worth thinking about whether you’ll stack your necklaces and which styles you’ll need to achieve the look. To create the perfect layered look, you’ll need a selection of plain and fancier designs, that vary in length.

Diamond earrings

A pair of diamond earrings can effortlessly elevate your look, and with so many pairs out there to choose from, you can get creative. Every woman should have a simple pair of diamond studs to add a subtle, yet luxurious touch to their day-to-day aesthetic, but if you want something for evenings, you’ll need something a little more statement. A pair of drop diamond earrings will perfectly complement bare shoulders and lower necklines, while fancy hoops will ensure your accessories strike the right balance between classic and contemporary.

Pair your earrings with matching diamond bracelets, necklaces and rings for a glamorous look that’ll be the envy of all of your friends.

Every woman needs some diamond jewellery in her collection, so make sure you get your hands on these four must-have pieces. Here at Ramsdens Jewellery, we have a range of new and pre-owned diamond jewellery, so you’re sure to find something that satisfies your tastes and your budget.

If you have a query about any of our products or diamond collections, don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit us at your nearest Ramsdens branch. And, for more inspiration, be sure to keep up with our blog, as well as our helpful jewellery and watch guides.

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