February 2018


What to buy for Mother’s Day 2018

It can often be tricky to know what to buy that special Mother figure in your life for Mother’s Day; trying to find that special something that encapsulates that wonderful relationship between you and your Mum, your Grandparents, your Aunt or even a female mentor. Novelty teddy bears emblazoned with ‘MUM’ doesn’t seem to cut it, and whilst flowers are a brilliant go to idea they’re often dead within days leaving your mum not a lot to show for her special Mother’s day! Why not treat her to something sparkly?... Read More


Jewellery Buying Guide

Introduction When it comes to buying jewellery, whether for yourself or a loved one, you may find yourself asking questions such as ‘what metal should I choose?’ or ‘which gemstones should I buy?’ This Ramsdens Jewellery Buying Guide aims to answer any questions you may have around buying and wearing jewellery, including how you can care for your items to ensure you keep them looking as good as new, for longer.   Gemstone Guide Gemstones are a naturally occurring material that are stunning in appearance which makes them the perfect... Read More