omega watches 10/12/2018
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Get The Omega Look For Less

From U.S. Presidents to astronauts, Prince William to Rory McIlroy, Eddie Redmayne, George Clooney and Daniel Craig, OMEGA watches have many famous fans. If you’re a big fan but don’t have a Hollywood A-lister budget, buying a pre owned watch is a great way to get the look for less. Ramsdens offers a wide range of pre owned OMEGA watches online and instore, with luxury timepieces available for possibly far less than the original selling price. In top condition and fully authenticated by a watch expert, savvy shoppers can choose... Read More

tanzanite 01/12/2018

December Birthstone – Tanzanite

Tanzanite, blue topaz, zircon and turquoise all represent December’s birthstone. With tanzanite being a strong favourite for jewellery lovers we take a look at the gems short but important history. Tanzanite’s vibrant blue-purple colour eludes glamour and has become a very popular modern gemstone, due to it’s rarity and beauty! The tanzanite gemstone has often been thought of as a ‘push present’, typically presented in jewellery form and gifted to those who have given birth! 18ct White Gold Diamond And Tanzanite Ring – Our Price £385.00 (RRP £677.00) With its... Read More

citrine ring 01/11/2018

November Birthstones – Citrine and Topaz

November is lucky enough to be associated with two gemstones; citrine and topaz – two stunning gemstones that have vibrant shades that brighten up the chilly month! Citrine has a magnificent hue that can be delicate or very bold; being the most common yellow/orange gemstone in jewellery today, whilst topaz displays similar tones in it’s natural state to citrine – however is most known for it’s rainbow colours in its treated form. We take you through some interesting facts which you may not know about these classic gemstones! 18ct White... Read More

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Princess Eugenie’s Royal Wedding 2018 – Get the Look

Who doesn’t wish to be a princess dressed in a fine white gown, all primed to meet their future husband down the aisle? 2018 is certainly the year for Royal weddings with Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding being just a distant memory of all things borrowed and blue, and now the Queen’s granddaughter Eugenie is marrying her long term boyfriend Jack Brooksbank today. The showstopping piece of Princess Eugenie’s bridal jewellery was undoubtably the breath-taking diamond and emerald tiara that was delicately positioned upon the Princess’s autumnal toned hair; reminiscent... Read More

opal rings 01/10/2018

October Birthstone – Opal

With it’s supernatural origins and alluring nature; it is very fitting that opal is the birthstone for October due to it holding the spooky holiday of Halloween. Arabic legends say that opal falls from the heavens in flashes of lightning whilst the ancient Greeks believed opals gave their owners the gift of prophecy and guarded them from disease. This opulent gemstone is a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection with it’s variety of colours that display flashing rainbow shades that transform this gemstone once moved in the light! 9ct Yellow... Read More

sapphire 01/09/2018
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September Birthstone – Sapphire

Rich in opulent colour and history, sapphire is one of the most prestigious and recognised gemstones in the world – those lucky September babies! With rich symbolism of truth, faithfulness and sincerity, the sapphire is the perfect gemstone to be set into meaningful eternity bands or as a statement engagement ring. Sapphire gemstones are the symbol for a 45th wedding anniversary; a showstopping emerald cut sapphire cocktail ring and a three star set sapphire signet ring would be the perfect matching gift for a special couple! 18ct White Gold Diamond... Read More

august birthstone peridot 01/08/2018

August Birthstone – Peridot

August’s birthstone is the vibrant lesser known gemstone, Peridot. With its eye catching yellowish-green colour and sparkling double refraction qualities, peridot is a beautiful choice for those who prefer a slightly unique gemstone from well known gemstones like emeralds. Well saturated, glamorous and stylish; this affordable gemstone looks fabulous no matter what colour precious metal it is set into, making it a versatile gem for any occasion! Found deep inside the earth within areas of Myanmar, Pakistan, USA and China, the peridot gemstone comes closer to the earth’s surface through... Read More

ruby bracelet 01/07/2018

July’s Birthstone – Ruby

Anyone with a birthday in July is lucky enough to have ruby as their birthstone, with its opulent iconic shade that sparks images of romance, passion and power! Ruby is the most valuable of all the coloured gemstones, with the exception of fancy coloured diamonds; making it a beautiful investment as well as an eye-catching piece to wear. The ruby gemstone is the symbol for the 40th wedding anniversary, emphasising the love and passion that the ruby gemstone emulates through its iconic red colour. We take you through some interesting... Read More

pearl earrings 01/06/2018

June’s Birthstone – Pearl

Iridescent, glamourous and iconic; pearls are well known for their ability to dress up even the plainest black dress, whilst having a neutral tone which compliments every skin tone. As the June birthstone and the 30th wedding anniversary, the pearl symbolises wealth and luck, whilst giving the impression of purity – the ideal addition to any bride to be this Summer! We take you through some interesting facts which you may not know about this classic gemstone! Pearls are a unique gemstone because they are organically formed deep underwater, being... Read More

diamond jewellery 21/05/2018
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Get the Markle Sparkle Look!

It is every girl’s dream to get married to a prince in the ultimate modern fairy tale, so what’s not to love about the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! From the star studded guest list which included George Clooney and David Beckham, to the ethereal floral arrangements of garden white roses, peonies and foxgloves which hung ornately around the entrance of St George’s Chapel , Windsor Castle – this surely was the wedding of the year! We take you through our take of the magnificent jewels worn... Read More