November 2017

Womens Christmas Gifts 29/11/2017
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The Ladies Guide to Christmas Gifting

Christmas is the one time where you can adorn yourself with glittering jewels, going all out for all your social events and family gatherings. your favourite jewellery from the past is released from their boxes, mixing with other glittering pieces which you may have picked up over the past few months. Each item reminding you of a special memory of Christmas cheer and festive fun! Picking a Christmas jewellery gift for the woman in your life can be tricky; thinking about whether they’d wear a necklace or a bracelet, and... Read More

Gents Christmas Gifts Guide 28/11/2017
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The Gents Guide to Christmas Gifting

Whether it’s for your Dad, Brother or for your Great Uncle who you hear from occasionally, it can be tricky to think of what to get the gentleman in your life at Christmas. Socks and underwear are a typical thought, but who wants to be stuck with basic everyday essentials as presents on the most magical day of the year!? Throw away the predictable novelty ties and pint glasses, binning the mass produced chocolate that were bought in a rush on Christmas Eve, discarding the Aftershave box sets which somehow... Read More

Christmas Stocking Filler Gift Ideas 27/11/2017

Stocking Filler Ideas – £50 and under

Delving into a Christmas stocking can take you straight back to your childhood; finding the obligatory orange satsuma and shiny pennies amongst beautiful wrapped novelty items that were often more fun than your actual big presents! Stockings aren’t just for children though, so why not create one with a sophisticated Ramsdens twist? Here are 3 items that will help you create a new tradition! The Sparkling Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings – Our Price £27.95 (RRP £55.00) – SHOP NOW Imagine opening your stocking on Christmas day expecting to open a... Read More