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April Birthstone - Diamonds

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Diamonds have been prized for thousands of years, with early discoveries in Indian riverbeds dating back to 400BC. The modern diamond industry dates back to more recent times. In 1869 the discovery of the ‘Star of South Africa’ brought 10,000 miners flooding into the Kimberly area and so mass diamond mining began. The ‘Star of South Africa’ was found by a Shepard and weighed a massive 83.5cts! This diamond was then cut to a pear-shape diamond weighing 47.69cts and most recently came to the market via auction in Geneva and sold for approximately £2,154,750.

Diamonds are Aprils birthstone and have long been symbols of strength and beauty. They were also worn to protect from sickness and poverty. In addition to April’s birthstone they also symbolise the 60th and 75th wedding anniversary.

Diamonds are the hardest mineral on earth making them perfect for everyday jewellery such as engagement rings and bracelets. To compare and grade diamonds we use the principals of the four C’s; carat, cut, colour and clarity. To learn about the four C’s and other quality factors read our blog here.

At Ramsdens we love diamonds and have a vast array of stock to suit all styles and budgets. So, whether you are receiving an engagement ring for your left hand or a personal purchase for your right hand, shop Diamond Jewellery online or go into branch to get inspiration today!

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